How to Include Temp Work on Your Resume

Over the last few years many qualified individuals spent time working with staffing services as a stop-gap as they continued to search for full time employment. Are you looking for insider tips on how to list temp jobs on a resume? We are frequently asked for advice on the best way to include this information so we wanted to share our ideas. Here are three simple ways you can include your temporary work on your resume.

  • Name the staffing firm. The staffing service who placed you on the assignment will be an excellent ally as you continue your career search. Include the name of the service as your primary employer so companies will be able to contact them for reference information. They can provide information on your reliability, overall performance, and make a recommendation. They are not only aware of your skills but they have built a trust level with you as a go-to employee.
  • Accomplishments on the job. You may have worked on multiple projects for many staffing services so be sure to list out what you did and your accomplishments while on the job. This is far more important that a laundry list of duties. It shows that your temporary assignment was of real value to the company. Anywhere you can, include solid data to back up your experience. Did you save the company money? Was your involvement an integral part of an important project? Did you help streamline or organize a department while you were there?
  • Names and dates of client companies. One easy way to make this happen is to use the staffing service as the primary header for the job and, in bullets, list each company you worked for during that period of time. Include the primary dates on the top line with the staffing company name but the assignment dates below with each client company. This shows not only how long you were a temporary employee but how long each assignment lasted giving the potential employer a better picture of your experience. Below each client company you can create another list of the accomplishments for each assignment.

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