What are 3 Benefits to Hiring Temps?

There are many ways a company can work with a temporary employee. You may bring them on for a special project or you may consider them for your next permanent hire. You can work with your local staffing service to determine the right solution for you. Even if you have never considered working with a temp before there are reasons to consider this arrangement. Here are three benefits to work with temps for your hiring needs.

  • To make use of their specialized skill set. If you have an upcoming project that requires specific skills, a temporary employee is a great solution. Even if you already have staff members who possess these skills they are busy enough with their own day to day duties that splitting their time may lead to less than quality results. Discuss with your local staffing agency the skills you need for your project. The recruiters will be able to source candidates who qualify and can assist on the project with little to no coaching from you or your staff.
  • To bring a fresh perspective to your project. Every company has experienced a situation where a major project reaches a standstill because no one is able to look at it objectively. The best way to push past a block like this is to bring in an outside resource to review the entire project and provide their input and feedback. One of the best and most available resources for this type of assistance is a temporary service. Work with your recruiter to hire an expert who can help you get the project unstuck quickly. The agency maintains responsibility for managing the employee on the assignment and once the project is complete they can be placed with another company.
  • To get a feel for the candidate before you make a commitment. Of course, one of the largest benefits to working with a temporary staffing service is to bring an employee on board with no commitment for the first several months. This provides you with a chance to evaluate their performance and see how they fit in with the team. Some recruiters make the analogy that it is like “dating before you get married.” It may also be referred to as a “try before you buy” situation. No matter how you frame it, a temporary working situation allows you to review their work before you make a permanent hiring decision.

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