How to follow-up after your interview

As a job seeker, your work isn’t done once the interview is over. Just as resume writing and job hunting are important aspects of your search, following up after an interview is equally as essential. What are the best practices for following up after your meeting? Here are four tips to help you connect once your interview is over.

  1. Follow up with a thank you. Thank You notes are still accepted practice in the job search. Before the day is out, make sure to send a note to all of the interviewers you met with at the company site. While hand written notes in the mail are still respected, you can send a thank you note via email to ensure that the message is received right away.
  2. Tailor your message to the company. Make sure that your email or note references your conversation. Write about the specific position you discussed and bring up any information you may have neglected to mention. Refer to two or three conversation points so the recipient can feel that you understood the job, the company culture, and are interested in the experience.
  3. Restate your purpose. Like a corporate mission statement, you should have a clear idea of your goals for your career. Close the letter with a statement that frames your purpose in the language of the company. Let them know you are interested, why you are interested, and ask for the next step of the process.
  4. Be persistent. It is okay to contact the company a week after your interview to see if a decision has been made. Contact the interviewer in the late morning after they’ve completed all their important tasks for the morning but before they are in a crunch to finish projects before the end of the day. Remember, there is a fine line between persistence and stalking behavior. It is fine to follow up but too much contact can produce precisely the opposite response.

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