Our business is your success!

Image courtesy of sheelamohan at freedigitalphotos.net

Our business is your success.

Sounds like a great maxim, right? It may very well be in the corporate publicity-speak of many a company, but who really, truly means it? Sure, they may want people to be successful in the sense that, if they are, they’ll have plenty of money to spend on their products, but do they really have a vested interest in YOUR career success as an individual? Probably not…

We in the staffing industry get a bad rap sometimes. Some of the reasons have to do with the poor, unethical practices of some staffing firms. Others have to do with the business model itself. Some people think that because we are in business for a profit (as opposed to, say, the unemployment office), we can’t or won’t help people in any meaningful way. And yet, day after day, over and over again, we do just that.

You see, when you apply with us, our business is, quite literally, your success. After all, given that companies pay us to provide them with qualified, smart, hard-working, dedicated talent, there is no possible way, under our business model, that we can be successful unless you are!

That’s why we’ll help you with your resume. That’s why we’ll give you a little extra coaching before that interview. That’s why we’ll go the extra mile to counsel you on some aspect of your attendance or performance. That’s why we write and publish articles geared toward helping people who are looking for or just starting work. That’s why, if we can and it’s justified, we’ll go to bat for you with our clients.

Other companies want you to spend money on their product. Unless you’re an employer (of course), we aren’t asking you to spend money. Rather, if you are looking for a job, we are asking you to allow us to help you find success working for one of our clients. If you have a job but know a friend or relative we could help, please consider referring them to us. If we can help you or someone you know, we’ll have been successful in our business.

And success is something that benefits us all!