How to Choose the Best Temp Agency

So, you’re interested in working with a staffing service that can help you with your next hiring need. That is great, now there are just a few more things you need to figure out. How do you know which company to contact? Who can provide you with the best quality employees at the most reasonable cost? While pricing may be a primary motivating factor, it shouldn’t be the only one. Here are four primary things that you need to look for when deciding on a staffing company.

  • Look locally. There are always big national players in your community, but local companies understand your specific needs in a way that a national service can’t. Look for local staffing providers that have a strong reputation among other business professionals in your area. Talk to other business owners and managers to see which companies they have worked with and their customer experience.
  • Long term business. Another deciding factor should be the length of time a staffing company has been in business. For a while, especially right before the recession, many entrepreneurs without experience in staffing decided to open services. Keep in mind, a new service may open but the management and staff may have a number of years’ experience under their belts, so it may be worth talking with them. The longer a company and their employees have been in the staffing business the better equipped they will be to assist you.
  • Your industry. Staffing companies often specialize in one or more industries. While a general service or one in another space may agree to help you with your search, if they haven’t already been established in your market they may not be able to access the resources it will take to fill your open job.  Look for services in your area who specialize in manufacturing, general labor, or construction.
  • Talent connections. A staffing service is only as good as the quality of employees they are able to provide. Look for staffing services who have strong connections in the community and who have a large pool of candidates. Talk to them about their recruiting efforts and resources. If they are using the same tools available to you as a business owner they may not have a large enough reach to access the right professionals.

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