Take Advantage of the Industrial Internet

The industrial Internet, a term coined by GE, is the idea that businesses can improve their production by merging machine with big data and create smart tools to accomplish more with less. For example, the Union Pacific Railroad has installed smart sensors along their tracks which include infrared thermometers, ultrasound scanners, and microphones. Each time a train passes these devices, data is sent back to the railroad to help them evaluate the risk of equipment failure anywhere along the line. Industrial Internet tools can record information in real time and changes can be made immediately. Here are four ways the industrial internet can help your business.

  • Improve efficiency. With the real time data collection and instant correction capabilities, smart machines as described by GE for the Industrial Internet can help companies improve their efficiency. For example, warehouse employees can be equipped with hand held computer which can assist them with finding products quickly and complete more work within one day. The business will improve their service capabilities and deliver products to their clients with new efficiency.
  • Reduce waste. The Industrial internet can help a company reduce their production waste significantly. This can include anything from materials to energy and resources. The labor force can be used in a more effective way and there will be fewer mistakes leading to scrap and additional time. A system that can monitor the facility’s energy and other resources which allow for a company to make important changes to their business.
  • Enhance productivity. Manufacturing is now and has always been a competitive market. Many facilities are making significant changes to their production levels using smart technology such as the Industrial Internet. These tools will objectively measure the productivity and return the data to the right people who can then make the right adjustments to enhance the output and final product.
  • Identify issues before they occur. Just like the example of Union Pacific Railroad, companies are using the Industrial Internet to monitor their own equipment to reduce the possibility of problems in the line of production. If a company is alerted to a potential risk before the issue occurs, they can make the correct adjustments and repairs without losing productivity or experiencing safety risks.

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