Google’s Push for Robotics | Manufacturing Logistics

New technology is the key to leading industries into the rest of the 21st century. Businesses who do not engage with the most up to date tech won’t have the necessary advantage that it will take to be a leader in manufacturing. Internet giant Google may be leading the way for robotics in the manufacturing industry. It is good to stay on top of the news so here is a quick look into what this means for the future of industrial business.

  • Google’s leadership is paving the way. Andy Rubin, former leader at Android, left the company and moved to Google to pursue what he called “a new chapter” within the internet products giant. He indicated that his heart has always been with entrepreneurial practices and it was time to try something new. He has been leading his company into new frontiers with the idea of using robotics.
  • Humanoid robotics technology. Google, under his direction, has been acquiring robotics firms both in the United States and Japan. Based on the companies they have been buying it seems like they are looking to go beyond the forms of robotics already used in manufacturing and branch out toward other types. Humanoid robots are designed to resemble humans and many perform the same functions as workers on an assembly line or in other functions of the job.
  • Streamlining of product delivery. One big challenge for companies moving forward is how to get their product from their manufacturing facility directly to consumers. Several big name organizations, such as Amazon, are discussing the use of delivery drones. These unmanned vehicles can effectively and efficiently deliver from supplier to manufacturers or from manufacturers to stores or consumer’s homes.
  • Prototypes will not be available soon. While these projects are being worked on as we speak the results of the experiments won’t be public any time soon. Google in dipping their toes in to a much larger pool of robotics that have been continuously developed for decades. However, with their success at pushing the envelope in technologies such as cloud based services their brain power may bring these advancements to manufacturing sooner than we previously expected.

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