4 Incentives for Temporary Workers

Temporary employees often see their permanent counterparts benefiting from employer incentives. It can be frustrating when you know you are working a three month assignment and won’t receive the same opportunities as others in your department. As much as individuals understand the different circumstances it is merely human nature to feel denied in these situations. Is there anything a business can do to make their temporary workers feel more valued on the job? A little creativity can pay off in a big way. Here are four incentives you can implement for your temporary staff.

  1. Provide gift cards. A small investment in local store or restaurant gift cards can make a very big impact on your temporary staff. It may help motivate them to work effectively and efficiently. You can simply present them as a reward for excellent work or create a contest to drive the team toward a specific goal.
  2. Give a bonus. Talk with your staffing provider to determine how to award bonuses to star temporary employees. For example, you may be able to offer a completion bonus for temps to work the entirety of a several month project. Or you may be able to provide an additional bonus for helping solve a major problem in your office.
  3. Paid time off. It can be really hard for temporary employees to know that they have to lose a day of pay if an emergency arises or if they have a pre-planned weekend vacation in the middle of an assignment. Without allowing temporary employees to take advantage of your generosity, offer a couple of paid days off throughout the assignment. This will encourage them to work harder in the office. Your staffing provider can help with the arrangements.
  4. Team based awards. Sometimes the real barrier between a project and a satisfied temporary employee are disgruntled permanent employees. To keep your staff from feeling threatened by a short term worker, offer rewards for teamwork. This will encourage your team to work together on the project.

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