4 Questions to Ask a Temp Worker Before Hiring

Sometimes short term assignments require more preparation on the part of the employer than long term opportunities. Short term employees have access to vital production information and their ability to perform and reliability are intensely important. Before you make your next temporary hiring decision, there are a few things you should know. Here are 4 questions to ask a temp worker before bringing them on board.

  1. Why did your last assignment end? There are two things this question will tell you. The first is whether or not the employee is telling the truth and the second gives you an understanding of their experience as a temporary employee. Always follow this question up with a reference call to the staffing service they worked with.
  2. Why are you interested in a temporary role? There are many reasons people take temporary positions. They may be eager to keep working while they look for a permanent position. They may like the flexibility of working on a short term basis. The candidate may be going to school or working on a freelance career that gives them an opportunity to work short term projects. These questions will get to the heart of why someone will be reliable for you.
  3. What is your experience in manufacturing? The temp should be able to provide a detailed list of work experience just like any permanent employment candidate. You want to know they have had experience in a manufacturing environment before so you have a shorter training time to get them up to speed with your particular facility. One of the reasons you work with a staffing company is to bring on experienced individuals from the start.
  4. What are your plans moving forward? What are the employee’s goals for their career long term? Are they interested in full time employment? If a temporary employee performs well for you it may be good to consider them for a long term placement with your organization. Temporary staffing is a great way to see how someone works on a daily basis without making a hiring commitment.

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