Attract Temp Workers with These Incentive Programs

With the need for skilled manufacturing workers on the rise, companies need to be creative to attract the right temp and seasonal employees to their businesses. Temporary workers may be looking for short term projects but they may also use temp work to bridge the gap between employment. The right incentives can help you attract the right temps to your company when you need them the most.

  • Recognize their work. Temporary employees often feel as though they are not as appreciated as their permanent counterparts. This is frequently because they are treated as replaceable or even expendable by their supervisors. To gain the respect of a temp show them the same respect you would a full time employee. Recognize when they do good work and tell them so.
  • Cash bonuses for temps. Money certainly talks and temps see permanent co-workers receiving bonuses or other incentives all the time. If you are able, provide a cash incentive to your temp workers when they’ve done an outstanding job or after they have helped with a particularly difficult deadline. Cash is perfect so they have access to the money immediately. If that won’t work with your budget you can talk to your staffing service to provide a bonus on their next paycheck.
  • Full time employment opportunities. Another huge incentive for temps is the anticipation of a full time job if they perform well while they are temporary. You may not be able to hire everyone who comes in to work on a seasonal basis you can let them know that you will consider top performers for long term work once the project is completely. This will motivate the candidates who really want to stay with your company.
  • Paid time off. Finally, one of the best benefits you can provide for temporary employees is a way to accrue paid time off. Staffing companies may have vacation pay and holiday pay policies but often can’t offer additional paid time off to their temp workers. If someone is working for you for several months you may have some flexibility to allow them bank time for a personal day off. Talk with your staffing provider to see how you can develop this program.

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