Employee Satisfaction: More Than Meets The Eye!

It’s no secret that every company wants their employees to be fully engaged and productive at work. After all, employee productivity and engagement is the foundation upon which companies make money, expand and succeed. Without employee engagement, productivity would not take place, and without productivity, bankruptcy is only a step around the corner.

Of course, the question then arises, “How does a company develop more productive and engaged employees?” The answer, of course, is to increase employee satisfaction. While the answer may be simple, implementing it is easier said than done. However, if a company wants greater success, it must be willing to “roll with the changes.”

Henry Ford said it best, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Now, employee satisfaction is much more than a high-level title or sizable income. In fact, the current research on the true meaning of “employee satisfaction” reveals a much more complex picture.

Here are the Leading Contributors to Employee Satisfaction, according to The Balance (Numbers Don’t Lie!):

  1. Respectful treatment of employees (67%)
  2. Compensation and pay (63%)
  3. Overall benefits (60%)
  4. Job security (has gone from first to fourth as the economy has improved) (58%)
  5. Trust between employees and senior management (55%)
  6. Opportunities to use skills and abilities in one’s work (55%)
  7. Financial stability of the organization (53%)
  8. The employee’s relationship with his or her immediate supervisor (53%)
  9. Feeling physically safe in one’s work environment (50%)
  10. Immediate supervisor’s respect for one’s ideas (49%)

While pay is certainly a high-ranked contributor to employee satisfaction, it’s not number one or by far the only solution on the list.

This is a call to action!

If a company is struggling to engage employees and create a more productive work environment, these other contributors to employee satisfaction may be a solution to solving those issues. In turn, greater wealth, success and health of a company and its employees will follow.