Your Local AtWork Personnel Is Now Luttrell Staffing Group!

Luttrell Staffing Group Established as 29 Offices Separate from AtWork Personnel to Form New Company

From BusinessWire:

January 22, 2019 10:48 AM Eastern Standard Time

KINGSPORT, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Luttrell Staffing Group is unveiled as 29 former AtWork Personnel Services offices are now operating as an independent staffing enterprise. By establishing Luttrell Staffing Group as a separate company, founders David and Marty Luttrell will have the flexibility to more rapidly grow the company and scale operations to effectively meet the needs of the job seekers and businesses it supports.

Today 29 AtWork locations are now known as Luttrell Staffing Group.

“We are so grateful to AtWork for their guidance and unwavering support today and over the last 25 years,” said David Luttrell, President, Luttrell Staffing Group. “While we are extremely appreciative of their partnership, establishing a separate business entity will allow us to more quickly expand our service lines and move into new verticals, opening up even more opportunities for our clients and candidates.”

Luttrell Staffing Group currently specializes in industrial, warehouse, general labor and office/clerical staffing across 29 branch offices in seven states, including Tennessee, Virginia, California, Illinois, Georgia, Kentucky and Vermont. This year the company is planning to expand its presence both geographically and in new industries.

“We’re excited for the future of Luttrell Staffing Group,” said Marty Luttrell, Vice President, Luttrell Staffing Group. “Our number one priority is to continue delivering the same level of service that our clients and candidates have come to expect from us, while simultaneously executing on big growth plans in 2019.”

In choosing Luttrell Staffing Group as the company’s name, the team is honoring the strong foundation laid by David and Marty Luttrell. The company’s values and mission – providing people with job opportunities and businesses with great people – remain the same.

“The talented team at Luttrell Staffing Group has our complete support as the company moves into this next phase of growth,” said Jason Leverant, AtWork Group President and COO. “Their success is well deserved and we wish them well in their new journey.”

About Luttrell Staffing Group

Luttrell Staffing Group provides comprehensive workforce solutions to organizations across Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, California and Vermont. As one of the country’s most trusted recruiting agencies, the Luttrell Staffing team is a dedicated partner in its clients’ and candidates’ success and is committed to providing the best solutions while adhering to the strictest sense of integrity and service. Luttrell Staffing Group specializes in light industrial, warehouse, general and skilled labor, construction and office/clerical jobs, as well as many other rewarding careers.

Luttrell Staffing Group offers customized, strategic workforce solutions that can help businesses enhance productivity, reduce costs, increase workforce flexibility, manage risks and save time.