From Receptionist To Marketing & Operations Manager — A Luttrell Staffing Group ‘Career In Bloom’

Nicole Moorshead is currently the marketing & operations manager for J&S Restaurants, Inc., in charge of overseeing all 44 of the company’s area Hardee’s locations. But her J&S career began more than two years ago, when the then-stay-at-home mom responded to a Luttrell Staffing Group receptionist ad on Indeed.

“I like to refer to it as ‘a God thing,'” Moorshead told us when we interviewed her for our “Careers in Bloom” feature. “God placed me exactly where He wanted me to be at just the right time.”

Nicole nailed her interview with us and landed the job as receptionist in April 2017, then did such a great job that J&S hired her on a full-time basis that August.

“I loved my job as a receptionist!” she says. “It was your usual day to day clerical work, answering phones, paperwork, etc. but while the work was great, it was the people too. The camaraderie at J&S is not something I ever experienced before at any other company. Everyone works together and does their best to help each other.”

But, as typically is the case, great performance soon caught the attention of higher-ups, and just a few months later Nicole was promoted to Ops/HR support administrative assistant. Then, in November 2018, she was promoted to marketing & operations manager.

“Marketing and operations are really two different things, but when they work together it makes for a more seamless relationship within the company,” she explained, when asked about her current role. “I implement the stores’ marketing promotions as well as work with our advertising company on sponsorships, TV & radio spots, as well as billboard postings. On the operations side, I make sure the stores have everything they need to promote new products and specials, even handling the pricing and register programming.”

Nicole Moorshead (right) receives her Careers in Bloom gift package from Luttrell Staffing Group Cleveland staffer Belinda Grey (left)

Moorshead enjoys her crucial role in giving Hardees’ customers “the best experience possible.”

“J&S is a special company,” she added. “I’ve never worked for a company that has such a great support system and makes you feel like you’re part of the family. One thing that hasn’t changed from position to position is that I love my job and I love coming to work every day. Not many can say that. I’m definitely blessed.”

She called her experience with Luttrell Staffing Group “great” and credits Cleveland staffer Belinda Grey for being “easy to talk to and able to help at any time.”

“She is so personable,” Moorshead said of Grey. “I always knew I could call her for anything if I had a question or concern.”

Finally, we asked Nicole if she had any advice for someone just starting out with Luttrell Staffing Group: “Give it your all. Dependable hard working people are hard to find these days. Show up and be present.”

We’re so happy Nicole Moorshead’s career is in bloom at J&S Restaurants, Inc., and we look forward to helping plant many, many more!