Making The Most Of A Second Chance

Staffing and recruiting can be one of the most difficult and draining jobs around, but success stories are, in many ways, the fuel that keeps us going. When a job seeker turns to us for help during a time in their life when they need it most and we are able to not just deliver a temporary solution, but the beginning of a long-term career trajectory, there is truly no greater satisfaction in this industry.

Natoya Webb-McCloud is a recent embodiment of that success, success that our Radford, Virginia branch was privileged to play a small role in by recognizing her enormous potential and finding a place for it to thrive. Today, Natoya is a Program & Transportation Manager at Camrett Logistics, a US-based third-party logistics company that offers warehousing along with distribution and fulfillment services. But in 2018, when she originally came to us, she was restarting her career from scratch.

“I had a mishap in my life that I was innocent for that sent me away for four years,” Natoya told us in an interview for this story. “Once I returned, my family as I knew it had changed. I have a felony on my record, and it did not allow me to get a decent job.”

Webb-McCloud, who had been working part-time at a donut shop after her release, described her experience with Luttrell Staffing Group, particularly former Radford manager Lisa Saunders, as “amazing”: “Lisa told me, and I quote her, ‘The world may look at you sideways, but I don’t. I don’t even know you, but I have faith that you will do well and prove everyone wrong. Now, let’s get you to work.'”

Because of Natoya’s computer experience and past credentials at places like Verizon, Diversified Apparel, and Findlay Industries, Lisa was able to arrange an interview for a 2nd shift position at Camrett, which, Natoya recalled, she immediately accepted without even knowing what the position entailed. After a positive interview, Camrett offered her a third shift entry-level position as a CSR auditor, the beginning of what would become a long and successful career.

After being hired full-time three months later, Natoya eventually moved to 1st shift, working her way through a career path that included CSR lead (2020), Program Manager (2021), and Transportation Manager (2022). She currently manages anywhere from 17 to 50 people at any given time, depending on the season.

These days, Natoya no longer needs Luttrell Staffing Group to find her a job, but she does call on her old staffing agency when she needs workers for her current employer.

“I want to say this,” she told us. “I was once a temp with your company and now I call my BFFs, Lisa Saunders at one point and Lisa (Carol) Merix now to help send temps to work for me. I will always sing the praises of Luttrell because, whether they know it or not, they helped, along with Camrett, to save my life. I will always be grateful for that. I recommend them to anyone who asks. I think very highly of them to the point where I sent my son to them and they were able to find him a position, luckily it was also for Camrett. Luttrell and Camrett will always be a part of my history and my heart.”

Stories like Natoya’s are truly what keep us motivated to persevere in what can often be, thanks to current economic conditions, one of the toughest industries around. We aren’t perfect, and we can’t help everyone all the time, but we always try, and when things work out just so, it’s magic.

To us, “making people matter most” is more than simply our company motto, it’s the driving force behind everything we do.