Five Reasons Why Luttrell Staffing Group is Important for Companies & Employers in Today’s Employment Market

Mary Wagner, President & COO of Luttrell Staffing Group

In our 30 years in business, we’ve seen a variety of employment markets and economic conditions. Our proven recruitment processes have been developed, refined and sustained through them all. Current market conditions require expertise and flexibility.

The average time to fill openings in 2024 is between 35 and 44 days and there is still a national labor shortage in the United States. Some industries are concerned about industry volatility and choose to leverage temp workers, while other firms want to attract top passive candidates and are better served with direct hire options. Firms like Luttrell Staffing Group have strong candidate networks and tenured recruitment teams to recruit employees on behalf of companies to fill job openings; either direct hire, full-time or part-time, temporary, or contract-to-hire.

We curate and identify candidates for employment, verify backgrounds, interview candidates, assess skills, and help place individuals who work on-site for the employer.

Oftentimes, the person hired is an employee of the staffing agency while working under the authority of the employer.

Here are 5 reasons why Luttrell Staffing Group is a solution to navigating today’s employment marketplace:

  1. Cost Savings – By using temporary employees through an agency, companies do not have to invest in or pay for the cost of permanent employees. They save costs not just from salary, but for health care plans, sick days, vacation pay, overtime pay, taxes, and unemployment exposure.   For direct hire openings, companies save on advertising, sourcing, prescreening, and interviewing costs, and have access to a broader range of candidates. Additionally, they benefit from a guarantee period.
  2. Flexibility with Short-Term Staff – Given the matters related to sick leave, health issues, emergencies, and economic uncertainty, hiring through a staffing agency gives employers the flexibility they need to meet their short-term business needs.
  3. Saves Time and Investments – Having a staffing firm identify resumes, expertise, conduct interviews, check references, while often handling onboarding, payrolls, taxes, and paperwork, allows employers to save time and investments in full-time employees.
  4. Talent, Employee Network and Market Understanding – At Luttrell, we have spent decades building talent networks that most companies neither have the time nor resources to develop. We invest in understanding the individual marketplace for companies and the available skilled candidates with the appropriate salary range for the local environment.
  5. Need to Act Quickly – At Luttrell, we can help companies act quickly to meet their immediate and long-term needs, saving them time, money, and resources. Our time-to-submit and time-to-fill averages outperform industry averages, which means customers also improve their productivity.


Planning for the Future

As we look ahead in anticipation of what the future holds, we at Luttrell are committed to focusing on our unwavering commitment to our core values: Excellence, Grit, Integrity, and Service, emphasizing gratitude for the grace and blessing bestowed by God above all else.

April 2024 marked our 31st anniversary, we’ve spent time reviewing what our business partners can expect from us today and into the future. These are the key elements that give our customers a unique experience:

  • Assurance of Excellence – Being recognized as the Best in Staffing for customers for 12 consecutive years, places us in the top 1% of all staffing firms. This isn’t just our accolade; it is our commitment to our customers’ success.
  • Efficiency and Productivity – Our dedication to living our proprietary Proven Process is your key to top-quality talent and continuous improvement.
  • Peace of Mind – Our tenured staff is certified by the American Staffing Association and is equipped for any scenario. This means you can navigate complex workforce challenges with peace of mind, knowing you have the right partner.
  • Exceeded Expectations – Our Second Mile Commitment Initiative, built on decades of data about what customers value most, is our newest Proven Process program that makes exceeding your expectations our baseline level of service. Performance measurements across the organization will ensure premium, prompt, tailor-made services with acute attention to detail.


A Groundbreaking Discussion on Identity Fraud in the US

As you know, we have highlighted the ongoing concern about the rise of sophisticated identity theft for workers.  This is a danger to businesses and staffing agencies.  Below is part of an article last month by an expert on the scope of Identity fraud in the US.  This article originally appeared in Veridas.

Identity fraud was tackled with great insight and urgency in a session titled “Conversations about AI: Cybersecurity and Digital Identity.” This event, hosted by Españoles Científicos en USA (ECUSA) and the Embassy of Spain in Washington, D.C., brought together experts to discuss the challenges and advancements in combating identity fraud in the US.

Mikel Sánchez, Sales Engineering Global Director at Veridas, presented the session in collaboration with Daniel Bachenheimer of Accenture.

The Scope of Identity Fraud

Identity fraud is growing in the United States, affecting 42 million Americans in 2021 alone. The discussion highlighted the sophistication of modern identity fraud techniques, particularly focusing on the rise of deepfakes. These AI-generated fake identities pose a severe threat as malicious actors use them to erode public trust. The speakers emphasized the urgent need for advanced detection and authentication technologies to counter these threats effectively.

The Role of Biometrics

Mikel Sánchez shared valuable insights from the company’s extensive experience in identity verification. Since 2017, Veridas has conducted over 100 million identity verification processes. Sánchez pointed out that with the rise of generative AI, the cases of fraud and impersonation have become more sophisticated. However, he firmly stated, “machine does not fool machine.” He underscored the reliance on biometrics as the most secure method of identity verification, highlighting the daily challenge of emerging new attacks and the constant evolution needed to stay ahead.

Identity Fraud in the Digital Environment

Identity fraud is not limited to any single country. In Spain, a gang using false identity documents swindled 1,600 people. The UK saw more than 277,000 identity fraud cases in 2022. Across Europe, 8% of Europeans claim to have suffered identity theft. Mexico also faces challenges with digital identity theft, which is growing by 52%.

Fraud Attempts: Types and Elaboration

During the session, Mikel Sánchez explained various types of fraud attempts, providing detailed insights into how fraudsters operate. He covered methods such as using photocopies, where attackers capture a photograph of a genuine ID document, modify personal data using photo editing software, and print the altered document on different media. Another method is photos to screen, which involves attackers using edited photos displayed on screens (computer, smartphone, etc.) and capturing an image of the fake document shown on the screen. Photo impersonation involves fraudsters printing a photo of their face, cutting it out, and placing it over the victim’s photo on the document to match biometric data during verification processes. Manipulation of printed information includes altering personal data on documents by overlapping or replacing certain elements, such as MRZ codes or other critical data fields.

Other sophisticated fraud attempts include creating high-quality fake documents using polycarbonate materials, often generating multiple identities with the same face but different names. Facial impersonation involves attackers using fake facial images and techniques like displaying a fake selfie photo on a screen or using a high-quality mask. Deepfakes and injection attacks involve creating synthetic identities using deepfake technology and injecting these images into the verification system, making them appear real during onboarding. Additionally, synthetic voices generated through voice-generative AI are used to mimic real individuals, deceiving voice-based authentication systems. These varied methods highlight the need for robust and sophisticated detection technologies to combat identity fraud effectively.


Boosting Your Bottom Line: Mastering Employee Onboarding

Written by Erin Smith

A sizable percentage of businesses are facing cost pressures and budget constraints. Human Resources professionals and operations leaders are balancing between ensuring teams consist of top talent while driving efficiency and savings. One way to accomplish this is by reducing turnover.

Turnover isn’t just an inconvenience; it’s a significant financial burden. According to HR Dive, the average cost of turnover per employee is a staggering $36,295, and projections indicate this figure will only rise. Factors contributing to increased turnover include better pay and benefits elsewhere, increased workplace demands, and a competitive job market.

Yet, the impact of turnover extends beyond mere dollars and cents. It erodes organizational culture, diminishes morale, tarnishes employer branding, and hampers productivity.

While many retention strategies focus on post-hiring efforts, the onboarding phase presents a prime opportunity to set the stage for long-term employee success.

A cohesive onboarding process is one of the most effective methods to decrease employee turnover.

Understanding the importance of a seamless onboarding experience is paramount.

A staggering 29% of employees leave their jobs within the first 90 days, underscoring the critical nature of this initial period. Research from Glassdoor indicates that organizations with robust onboarding processes experience an 82% improvement in new hire retention and a 70% boost in productivity.

At Luttrell Staffing Group, we’ve honed our onboarding approach over our 30 years of experience serving diverse organizations. To read more about how you can enhance your onboarding process to reap similar benefits and three key principles to consider visit our website.


Part of the Community

Members of the Luttrell Staffing Group Tennessee team that recently traveled to Illinois to assist with a workforce transition for a client.

From L to R – Daniel Hopek – Corporate HR: Talent Acquisition, Bianca Salva – Morristown TN: Sr. Staffing Manager – Sam Cepeda – Corporate HR: Operations Support Specialist.


Employee Spotlight

Tierra Littlejohn, HR Benefits Specialist of Luttrell Staffing Group

We are excited to shine the spotlight on Tierra Littlejohn, the HR Benefits Specialist at Luttrell Staffing Group.

With her passion for employee well-being and extensive knowledge of benefits and compensation programs, Tierra plays a crucial role in ensuring the overall success of the company.

Tierra joined Luttrell Staffing Group in January 2021 as a Payroll Clerk. Coming from a background in early childhood development, she was seeking a change and a new challenge.

Luttrell Staffing Group took a chance on Tierra, recognizing her potential and providing her with the opportunity to grow professionally in a different field. Since then, she has become an integral part of the team.

As the HR Benefits Specialist, Tierra manages and administers employee benefit and compensation programs for both internal and temporary employees. She understands the importance of offering comprehensive benefits and insurance options to the workforce, and she goes above and beyond to ensure employees have access to the best resources and support during critical times.

Tierra’s daily responsibilities include researching and analyzing healthcare plans, advising employees on maximizing their benefits, processing paperwork for enrollments and terminations, and performing quality checks of benefits-related data. She also handles appeals, resolves disputes, and problem-solves with benefit programs, ensuring that employees feel supported and secure in their benefits.

One of Tierra’s recent significant accomplishments was obtaining her SHRM-CP certification. Recognizing the need for continued education in an ever-evolving field, she pursued this certification and successfully passed the exam in February 2024. Tierra credits Luttrell Staffing Group for providing the necessary support and resources to help her achieve this milestone.

When asked about what she enjoys most about working for Luttrell Staffing Group, Tierra emphasizes the culture and environment. The close-knit staff members treat each other like family, providing personal support both inside and outside of work. Tierra also appreciates the understanding and flexibility displayed by the company’s leaders, who genuinely care about their employees’ personal and professional growth.

Tierra understands that her role directly contributes to the overall success of Luttrell Staffing Group. By ensuring that employees have access to the best health and wellness programs, she helps create a workforce that is mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy. This, in turn, enables the company to deliver exceptional service to its clients and communities.

Outside of work, Tierra enjoys the simple pleasures of life. She finds joy in cooking, organizing, and exploring grocery stores early on Sunday mornings. Her love for nature and the outdoors draws her to activities like hiking and spending time near fresh water. She also prioritizes rest and relaxation, cherishing weekend naps as important as any business meeting.

Tierra Littlejohn’s dedication to employee well-being and her commitment to providing the best benefits and compensation programs make her an invaluable asset to Luttrell Staffing Group. Her passion for her role and her genuine care for the people she works with truly set her apart. We are grateful to have Tierra as part of our team, driving our success with her expertise and positive attitude.