Do you conduct criminal background checks for your job candidates? If so, while you’re in line with about two-thirds of U.S. organizations, your policies regarding this issue could come under scrutiny. That’s what happened to Apple recently, whose refusal to employ felons in the construction of its new $5 billion headquarters has come under some… Read more »

  Do you know some of the ways “black hat” staffing agencies try to get a leg up on the competition by violating the ASA’s “Code of Ethics?” You should. Because it happens more often than you think, and impacts you and the industry. A prominent page on the American Staffing Association’s website lists a… Read more »

  We have a question on our online application that goes like this, “What would you consider an acceptable reason to call out of work?” The reason we ask the question, of course, is to gauge the potential employee’s attitude and overall approach to calling out. If they are someone who thinks it’s OK to… Read more »

  Your reputation tends to doggedly follow you around wherever you go in life… eventually. Unlike your shadow, your rep usually has a bit of a delayed presence. If you’re a back-stabber, or a liar, or a chronic nose-picker, or are just really, really whiney, it’ll generally take new acquaintances a while to pick up… Read more »

  What if there was an easy way to display our open job opportunities in an easily navigable, searchable, accessible, editable online database that could readily be found via search engines and quickly responded to by job seekers not only in our service areas, but all over the country? Well, thanks to Haley Marketing, our… Read more »

  I’ll never forget my first experience with a staffing agency – not as an internal employee, but as a job candidate! It was the early 90’s, and I was a college kid on the lookout for something to build my resume while earning some money and going to school at the same time. Finding… Read more »

On the evening of December 6, 2014, Jessica Chambers was found walking away from her burning vehicle, 98% of her body covered with burns, horrifically lit on fire by a still unknown assailant. As a father myself, I couldn’t begin to imagine what her father, Ben Chambers, is going through. He understandably expressed his desire… Read more »

    Ah, that most dreaded of employment rites of passage, the in-house drug screen, that wonderful time when employers and future employees who barely know each other are forced through the distasteful process of getting to know each other more than they ever wanted to… EVER… (can anyone say TMI??) Most staffing agencies conduct… Read more »