Need Talent? Try Professional Organizations!

Struggling to find new talent? Posting jobs only to receive hundreds of unqualified resumes? You may want to consider broadening your recruiting tools, and meeting new professionals in your area.  Professional organizations offer an excellent opportunity to network, meet new talent and present your organization in a positive light.

Meeting new talent and recruiting through a professional organization can present many benefits, including:

  • Candidates are more relaxed. When you attend professional organizational meetings and mixers, you’re meeting talent in an environment where they feel comfortable (unlike during an interview!), and you’ll have an opportunity to discuss their experience, goals and interests in a non-pressure environment.
  • You’ll meet outgoing, engaging talent. People who join professional organizations tend to be more outgoing and engaging, as it is somewhat of a necessity to meet and engage with new people at meetings and mixers. If you’re organization is looking for professionals who are more outgoing, this could be an excellent place to find the type of talent you’re looking for.
  • Professionals will have the most cutting-edge knowledge in their fields. Professional organizations tend to watch carefully the latest trends and news in their areas of expertise, so the talent you meet at meetings and mixers will have the cutting-edge knowledge needed to make an impact on your business.
  • You’ll meet professionals who aren’t actively seeking employment. Although there are certainly members of professional organizations who are currently seeking new jobs, you’ll also meet plenty of talented professionals who are currently employed. This provides you with an excellent opportunity to lure away the top talent from other businesses, and provide a compelling reason for a leading professional to join your organization.

Need talent?
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