Resume Tips – Avoid These Resume Mistakes

Do you have a gap in your employment history? With the unstable economy, both short and long gaps are becoming increasingly common – but they don’t have to prevent you from landing your dream job.

Prepare your resume to highlight your accomplishments.
Don’t be overlooked by potential employers because of your resume, and help your resume stand out from the pack, but avoiding these resume mistakes:

  1. Don’t put the spotlight on any gaps. While gaps may exist, don’t point them out specifically, and instead let your accomplishments speak for themselves. Potential employers may not even notice the gaps, and with all your great accomplishments, they shouldn’t be relevant anyway!
  2. Don’t stretch the truth. This is never a good idea anyway, but don’t be so nervous about gaps in your history that you try and fudge your background or dates. It’s not worth possible loss of employment down the road, and you don’t want to get yourself trapped in a worthless lie.
  3. Volunteer in the community. If you’re currently unemployed, you can still keep your skills sharp and expand your professional network by volunteering in the community. Many non-profit organizations need help from professional volunteers, and working in the community will show that you have been flexing your skills while unemployed.
  4. Advance your education.  Gaps in your history won’t seems as negative to a potential employer if you use that time to advance your education by taking classes. Whether in a community center or at your local college, taking classes will demonstrate to potential employers that you are serious about advancing your career, and that you are the type of employee who takes initiative.
  5. Partner with an employment agency. Partnering with an employment agency can help you find temporary work while you continue your full-time job search. An agency can also help you find your next full-time job! Temporary assignments can help you “plug holes” in your work history while you’re out of full-time work.

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