Moving to the Cloud in Manufacturing

“The Cloud.” You can’t even turn on the television without hearing a commercial for Apple or any other Smart Phone without hearing this phrase. But what exactly does it mean? According to, a leading source for manufacturing news and insight, the cloud is still very much a work in progress. But what is it, what are the drawbacks, and what is the potential for manufacturing businesses?

  • What is the Cloud? Cloud Computing is a combination of hardware and software that uses networking to deliver services over the internet. For instance, when you see the commercials for Apple it tells you that you can share data between multiple smart phones, your home computer and any other apple device on your network. Families can share information without everyone having to plug into the main computer any more. Businesses have been migrating to cloud computing for a couple of years and the intention is to be able to use off-site storage and security and even to collaborate between individuals on computers across the country and throughout the world.
  • What are the drawbacks? Because cloud systems are essentially stored off site, the security is very important and unfortunately not as reliable as some companies would prefer. Sensitive data can be compromised if organizations don’t take the proper steps in the set up process. Don’t let this scare you too much from using Cloud computing. Companies just need to make sure they invest in the right security protocols for their information.
  • What is its potential? The business application of Cloud Computing is seemingly infinite. Manufacturing companies can use it to communicate with vendors and material providers all over the world where everyone can have access to the same information. Many manufacturing companies use ERPs to run their business. The ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning System, is a cumbersome product requiring specialized IT and extensive training for users. With a Cloud-based ERP there may be some more complicated set up at the front end, but the result is an easy to use and easy to share system.

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