Adding Social Technology to Your Supply Chain. Is it Possible?

More people use social media today than ever before. You can’t walk down the street without seeing people with their faces peering down at the device in their hands. Many industries are taking advantage of the new sites and technologies in their businesses as well. What about businesses in the production industry? Is it possible to add social technology to the manufacturing environment? What would that look like in today’s industrial settings?

  • Social Supply Chain. Business to Business experiences are evolving to include more social interaction and the addition of a social media component to your supply chain is the wave of the future. It is the evolution of communications with your suppliers. What use to be done through fax then evolved to EDI and FTP and is now moving another step further with the newest tools. Social technology is the new way manufacturing companies can communicate to their vendors.
  • Collaboration. There are many manufacturing industries where collaboration is key to the success of the resulting products. Consider the Aerospace or Defense markets where a breakdown anywhere along the chain can result in supplies that are unsafe for the end users. Communication along each chain of procurement is vital for a successful product. This type of collaboration will be the best way for businesses to ensure the step by step process is correct.
  • Customer Portals. Speaking of the end users, especially in business to business environments, the ability to communicate with the manufacturer of specific parts throughout the process will only enhance the final product. The interactions between all levels of manufacturing will eventually become seamless as more industries adapt social collaboration into their functions. This can only result in the best possible customer experience.
  • Innovation. No one knows the potential of social technology and certainly much of it has gone untapped. The future of this type of integration is unlimited. Imagine a world where answers are at the click of a button or where you can interact with your vendors face to face to better understand each other needs.

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