Facing the Aging Infrastructure in the US

US Manufacturers are going to be facing increased costs if investments aren’t made in new technologies to update the US infrastructure. Power outages resulting from aging equipment in our grid have become a common situation throughout the country. Not only does this affect individuals but it also affects the ability of manufacturing companies to run their businesses. With the US energy infrastructure still in flux can a manufacturing company expect to prosper? The country faces a need to revitalize and update the energy system. As a business owner, what can you expect?

  • “D” rating for US infrastructure. In 2009, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the US energy infrastructure a “D” rating. To compete in the global market the US would need serious upgrades in the system. In order to make the improvements the country will need to invest in upgrades which will also protect jobs in the sector.
  • 1950s and 60s Technology. Much of today’s infrastructure was developed in the 1950s and 1960s and has yet to be updated. On top of that, maintenance budgets have been cut on many of these same and systems. Without the right maintenance or upgrades these 60 year old systems are becoming not only outdated but potentially dangerous.
  • Smart Grid Technology. Investments need to be made in smart grid technology that will not only repair the older systems but improve them for future use. Smart Grid systems will bring these utilities into the current century and automate many of the processes we currently use to bring energy to businesses and individuals.
  • Distributed Generation. One of the ways the smart grid can improve the infrastructure is to redistribute naturally generated energy throughout the grid. Imagine a manufacturing facility employing solar technology but their business only uses a fraction of what they generate. The additionally collected energy can be distributed throughout the community and the single facility can provide energy to the area.
  • Changing the attitude on investment. Politicians and constituents are engaged in an intricate dance around these issues. Elected officials tend to make decisions based on what will get them reelected while individuals are looking for less of a financial burden on themselves and their families or businesses. However, these infrastructure improvements are going to take significant investment and without it the current structure will become a patchwork of outdated technology with a limited lifespan.

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