Where is Artisanal Manufacturing Going?

While the word “artisanal” is more commonly seen referring to cheese or bread it can be used for many other applications. A movement for artisanal manufacturing is happening right here in the United States. A lot has changed since the 1950s where manufacturing dominated American business. Today, many companies are choosing to outsource their production to countries with lower cost of business and fewer people here in the U.S. are making a living from manufacturing jobs. The artisanal manufacturing movement aims to bring production back the United States and wants to create value, quality, and prosperity for employees and customers alike. Here is a quick look at what artisanal manufacturing can provide for our economy.

  • Consumer established power. Today’s economy can be driven entirely with choices made by consumers. Choosing to do business with companies who share similar values or produce something of quality can direct the U.S. economy toward a more localized marketplace. Social media and other benefits of the internet allow for consumers to share their experiences and recommend certain brands to their peers. They also have the power to share negative information against companies who do not treat their employees or customers well.
  • A change in the scale of business. Many manufacturing companies over the last few decades took on a world-wide view of business. The bigger they could grow, the more successful they would become. However, the movement toward artisanal manufacturing brings business back to the local economy. Customers of these local companies feel good about supporting their community and spending their money with sustainable businesses. Many people will gladly pay slightly higher but competitive prices for a better customer experience and localized services.
  • Technology expands the local business options. Over the last decade the expansion of technology in the manufacturing workplace has allowed corporations to spread out over sea’s and use more inexpensive labor and parts. However, there is some movement toward corralling this phenomenon and using technology to bring quality manufacturing back to the artisanal business. Technology can help to shorten production times, lower costs through the supply chain, and provide better services to the end-user. In this case technology goes beyond a soulless requirement of 21st century business but a partner in creating a better future.
  • A better perspective of the labor force. Bringing labor back to the community creates a healthy reciprocal economy allowing families to support themselves and be a strong part of the purchasing cycle. Companies who function in the artisanal manufacturing space are creating apprenticeships, training programs, and other incentives to develop a local workforce who understands the specific processes of their business. They are also focused on making the community a better place by being involved with organizations in the area.

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