How to Attract Talent for Hard to Fill Positions

As a business owner or manager you understand that manufacturing isn’t just made up of unskilled general labor employees. Many of the positions you fill are very demanding and require a specialized skill set and experience. So how do you attract talent for these hard to fill positions? Here are a few tips that can help you.

  • Build your social media platform and branding. Regardless of your industry it is important to be where candidates already are. There is an incorrect assumption that manufacturing professionals aren’t on social media but the truth is that social media attracts users from across the entire population. Chose some of the most common social media platforms and establish your presence. Engage with readers and make them want to learn more when you have an open position.
  • Recognize the importance of salary negotiations. Experts currently believe that the skills gap in the U.S. job market may be less about a lack of available skills and more about unfair salary offerings. In an effort to save money many businesses cut pay rates but didn’t reinstate them after recovery began. Qualified employees are rejecting positions in favor of those that pay more money. The result is a less qualified talent pool remaining.
  • Improve your job descriptions and advertising. In the past most businesses would issue a laundry list of duties and requirements for an open job. These didn’t in any way share the reasons that candidates might want to work with your business. Instead, view job descriptions and postings as marketing tools for your company. What can you offer them to peak their interest in applying with your company.
  • Don’t take too long to respond to candidates. One of the biggest complaints from job seekers is that they don’t feel they are receiving timely enough feedback throughout the job search process. At each step be sure to notify candidates of any updates. If they are not a fit for your organization let them know but consider referring them to other opportunities or keeping their information on hand for future positions. Taking too long to make a decision could lead to candidates accepting other jobs.

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