Manufacturers Looking to Hire in 2014

In late 2013 industry analysts believed that manufacturing would experience growth in the following year. As this has proven to be true so far, many companies are still concerned about where to find qualified candidates for their open positions. In light of the skills gap and the need for more advanced technology training, how are manufacturing businesses filling their open jobs? Here is an inside look at hiring in the manufacturing sector for the rest of 2014.

  • The real skills gap. One of the biggest topics in employment news this year has been the skills gap. Experts currently believe that it isn’t only about a lack of the right skills for the jobs available but also the inequality of salaries for those same jobs. Many salaries were cut during the recession and few companies have reinstated them or revisited them. Qualified employees are less likely to take jobs for lower salaries. Look into your compensation packages to see if you can improve them.
  • Apprenticeships, mentorships, and training. Another method of bridging the gap between available employees and the necessary skill is to hire individuals with growth potential and train them. Experienced employees on your staff, especially those facing retirement in the next several years, can teach their skills to incoming employees who can fill their roles down the line. This demonstrates that you value employee knowledge and believe that good employees can be taught.
  • Veterans hiring programs. An overlooked resource for manufacturing is recent military personnel. While they may not possess the exact skills necessary, they can take orders and learn new things easily. Veterans are typically very loyal employees and will fill long term needs within your organization. Work with a local veteran’s office to see how you can bring these talented individuals into your business.
  • Partnering with a local staffing agency. Local staffing providers can work with you to find the right candidates for your open positions. These individuals can be placed on a temporary basis or considered for long term assignments through a temp to hire agreement. The recruiters will source and prescreen all candidates before submitting only the most qualified for your review.

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