Like with every new year, businesses are greeting 2014 with optimism and a new motivation for the coming year. As the industry continues to move forward several trends are appearing center stage for manufacturing. With some major changes in the national landscape and technology these trends will affect many aspects of the manufacturing and industrial… Read more »

  J.R.R. Tolkien tells the tale of a ring so powerful that, should it fall into the wrong hands, the world would plunge into darkness. Lost underground for ages, it finally made its way into the hands of a noble young hobbit, Frodo Baggins, charged with delivering it to the only place where it could… Read more »

The industrial Internet, a term coined by GE, is the idea that businesses can improve their production by merging machine with big data and create smart tools to accomplish more with less. For example, the Union Pacific Railroad has installed smart sensors along their tracks which include infrared thermometers, ultrasound scanners, and microphones. Each time… Read more »

Cover letters seems to be a lost art. In a world of emailed resumes many job seekers believe a short email with an attachment will be enough. Many employers are requesting cover letters from potential candidates to provide additional insight into them as individuals and help determine who stands out in the crowd. So how… Read more »

  (Today our special guest writer, Holly King – staffing manager at our Bristol branch – relates how even the smallest decisions in her life have led her to where she is today.)   By: Holly King Have you ever longed for that next break, that promotion, new job, new house, potential spouse, or just… Read more »

So, you’re interested in working with a staffing service that can help you with your next hiring need. That is great, now there are just a few more things you need to figure out. How do you know which company to contact? Who can provide you with the best quality employees at the most reasonable… Read more »

Our business is your success. Sounds like a great maxim, right? It may very well be in the corporate publicity-speak of many a company, but who really, truly means it? Sure, they may want people to be successful in the sense that, if they are, they’ll have plenty of money to spend on their products,… Read more »

As a job seeker, your work isn’t done once the interview is over. Just as resume writing and job hunting are important aspects of your search, following up after an interview is equally as essential. What are the best practices for following up after your meeting? Here are four tips to help you connect once… Read more »

There are lots of great reasons to ‘like’ our Facebook page – job listings, career related articles and blog entries, staffing and employment news, and, of course, great contests! This Spring we gave away a $100 VISA card. It’s been a few months, so it’s time to ramp it up just in time for Christmas!… Read more »