Your Local AtWork Personnel Is Now Luttrell Staffing Group!

Luttrell Staffing Group Established as 29 Offices Separate from AtWork Personnel to Form New Company From BusinessWire: January 22, 2019 10:48 AM Eastern Standard Time KINGSPORT, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Luttrell Staffing Group is unveiled as 29 former AtWork Personnel Services offices are now operating as an independent staffing enterprise. By establishing Luttrell Staffing Group as a separate… Read more »

Immediate job openings for qualified candidates – June 2013

  From Knoxville, TN to Roanoke, VA and everywhere in between (including a few remote places), we’ve got more jobs than you can shake a stick at! Check out our Big Job Board for June. You might find something for yourself or a friend or family member looking for work.   Abingdon, VA, Senior Weld… Read more »

Motivational Tips for Your Job Search

The job search can be exhausting after you’ve been at it for a while. The right job is out there for everyone, it just may take some time to search for it. The more you continue to motivate yourself the more success you will have in your hunt. Here are some tips to keep you… Read more »

Trade School Enrollment Spikes Leading to a Jump In Manufacturing Staffing

Are you looking for the best new talent in manufacturing today? Trade schools have been reporting significant increases in student enrollment. This is leading to a spike in employment of new high-skilled manufacturing workers once they complete their programs. Manufacturing is becoming an in-demand field once again as companies are moving their production back to… Read more »

Build Powerfully Successful Work Teams

The success of most projects depends on how well individuals can work together. This is why it can be overwhelming to put together a team for your business. You may never know until you have the group together who is going to get along with whom and what combinations of skills complement each other.  There… Read more »

How to Ace Your Next Phone Interview

Today’s job market is as competitive as ever, and with hundreds of job seekers applying for a single position, it can be difficult for recruiters to find the cream of the crop. To help streamline the hiring process and eliminate unqualified candidates, many employers are conducting phone interviews. Are you prepared for a phone interview?… Read more »

You Asked What?! How to Respond to Tough Interview Questions.

More and more candidates are applying for jobs. Sometimes hundreds of resumes are received for a single job opening. And to help differentiate candidates and see who stands out from the pack, recruiters are asking some unique questions . Don’t let strange questions throw you off your game. Recruiters may not be looking for a… Read more »

Avoid These Job Search Mistakes Made By Single Parents

Single parenthood offers unique rewards, but it can also pose unique challenges for your job search. The stress of balancing parenthood and a job search can definitely feel overwhelming! Highlighting your skills and accomplishments is essential to landing your next job. Don’t let mistakes cost you your next job. If you’re a single parent, ensure… Read more »