Closing the Gap on Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is changing at a rapid pace. What use to be an industry made up of manual labor is quickly becoming an industry at the forefront of technology. American companies are in a position to make some drastic changes but can only maintain their production with access to skilled workers. As older employees… Read more »

Challenging, but Growing: The Manufacturing Job Market

The Society for Human Resources Management has released a report indicating that manufacturing jobs are the most challenging for recruiters to fill. This means the market is open for experienced and educated individuals to acquire jobs that are otherwise going unfilled. Here are some of the challenges human resources professional are facing in the manufacturing… Read more »

Manufacturing On The Rise

Understanding the reasons for unemployment statistics can be maddening. When you’re out of work and you hear that there has been slow or no growth in any given month it can be difficult to want to keep searching. However, there are more to the unemployment numbers than just the percentages. For instance, Manufacturing has been… Read more »

Rise in US Manufacturing Jobs

The Washington Post has indicated in recent months that US manufacturing jobs have been steadily increasing since 2009. We are once again becoming competitive in the world market along with manufacturing giants such as Germany, Japan, and China. The trend toward outsourcing jobs overseas is beginning to reverse and jobs are returning to the manufacturing… Read more »