Manufacturing Jobs Are In High Demand

Recently Hyundai began recruiting for general manufacturing jobs in Montgomery, Alabama. Even though the application deadline was not until June 2, 2012 the applications were so overwhelming that they stopped accepting them in mid-May. The Hyundai Human Resources department received over 20,000 applications for fewer than 900 jobs. While new manufacturing jobs are on the… Read more »

What are the newest OSHA guidelines and how will they affect you?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, was recently the subject of a lawsuit resulting in new regulations for the organization. Maintaining OSHA standards is required for the safety of your business or construction site. Understanding how the ruling will affect OSHA’s inspections is important to implementing the right safety plan. Here are a… Read more »

Build Powerfully Successful Work Teams

The success of most projects depends on how well individuals can work together. This is why it can be overwhelming to put together a team for your business. You may never know until you have the group together who is going to get along with whom and what combinations of skills complement each other.  There… Read more »

How Social Medial Has Changed the Job Search.

At one time, the best way to find a new job was to submit your resume to ads in the newspaper. Today, the average job seeker has more options available. Social media has changed the way employers are looking for candidates and that means job seekers need to change the way they search for a… Read more »