3 Ways to Onboard Your Temps

So often companies bring on temporary workers and expect them to “hit the ground running.” While a professional should have a shorter learning curve than someone at an entry level, it is still important to provide some onboarding to your temporary workforce. Here are three ways you can get your temps started successfully. Communicate with… Read more »

Having a Great Recognition Program

After some ups and downs in the manufacturing sector businesses are looking for more ways to increase employee engagement on the job. Employee retention is more important than ever and companies need to develop ways to encourage employees to perform at a high level. Here are some ideas for creating a great recognition program in… Read more »

Cheap Labor May End Up Costing You

While the country is staring head long into another economic challenge it isn’t unusual for businesses to try to cut their costs any way possible. Many organizations will try to eliminate additional costs by hiring cheap labor, but this move may end up costing more money in the long run. Here are some of the… Read more »

Improving your Manufacturing Hiring Strategy

In today’s economy the disparity between available jobs and available employees is actually making it more difficult to make the best hiring decision. There are a lot of individuals out of work so how do you know which candidates are the right ones for your organization? Here are some hiring strategies that you can employ… Read more »

Improving Your Manufacturing Brand

The 21st century market is quite different than that of generations before us. In order to reach customers of today and tomorrow businesses need to look into the newest ways to sell products. “Made in America” has become a political rallying cry rather than the status quo. As globalization takes hold and other countries compete… Read more »

Five ways to prevent ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ at work

By: Scott Morefield The AMC drama The Walking Dead has quickly become one of the most watched programs on cable television. Its unique blend of compelling, easy to root for characters and depressing apocalyptic scenery filled with brain-dead, flesh-eating zombies keeps viewers on the edge of their seats and conversations around water-coolers buzzing the next… Read more »

Closing the Gap on Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is changing at a rapid pace. What use to be an industry made up of manual labor is quickly becoming an industry at the forefront of technology. American companies are in a position to make some drastic changes but can only maintain their production with access to skilled workers. As older employees… Read more »

Very Revealing Interview Questions

When interviewing a candidate, there are certain things that interviewers take for granted.  You certainly want to know if the individual will be “right” for the job.  The easy way is to allow for the candidates to take you step by step through their job history, but here are three questions you can ask about… Read more »

Trade School Enrollment Spikes Leading to a Jump In Manufacturing Staffing

Are you looking for the best new talent in manufacturing today? Trade schools have been reporting significant increases in student enrollment. This is leading to a spike in employment of new high-skilled manufacturing workers once they complete their programs. Manufacturing is becoming an in-demand field once again as companies are moving their production back to… Read more »

The Talent Gap in the Manufacturing World

A shortage of skilled workers is greatly affecting manufacturing in many developed nations including the United States. Developing nations are also experiencing their own type of shortage, and both of these issues mean that manufacturing will suffer if a solution is not determined. This shortage is causing problems not only in the production arena but… Read more »