Programs for Career and Technical Education

In past interviews you have probably been told that you background doesn’t match the skills required for the job. With constant innovation in US manufacturing, employers are concerned about the growing skills gap. The best way to meet this challenge is to become the candidates that employers are seeking. Here are several tips for pursuing… Read more »

Tennessee Works to Bring Jobs Back to US

Off-shoring and Outsourcing have been concerning to Americans for some time now. However, Tennessee and Nissan have been at the leading edge of the trend to bring jobs back to the US. The state of Tennessee has spent some time, along with several other states, working with Japanese manufacturers to return jobs to the American… Read more »

Resign Without Burning Bridges

Inevitably, there will be times in your life when a job is simply not the right fit. How you handle it will affect the course of your career from that moment forward. If you ask for advice on how to leave a job gracefully, you are likely to get any number of answers including “It… Read more »

Manufacturing Jobs Are In High Demand

Recently Hyundai began recruiting for general manufacturing jobs in Montgomery, Alabama. Even though the application deadline was not until June 2, 2012 the applications were so overwhelming that they stopped accepting them in mid-May. The Hyundai Human Resources department received over 20,000 applications for fewer than 900 jobs. While new manufacturing jobs are on the… Read more »

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your New Job Offer

The interviewing process can be terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time, but it only ends one of two ways. We tend to harden ourselves against the “rejection” outcome, but when it comes to an offer things become even more confusing.  What did we really want when we started looking? Was it really about… Read more »