How to follow-up after your interview

As a job seeker, your work isn’t done once the interview is over. Just as resume writing and job hunting are important aspects of your search, following up after an interview is equally as essential. What are the best practices for following up after your meeting? Here are four tips to help you connect once… Read more »

Manufacturing Demographics: Salaries, Education, and Age

The manufacturing landscape is changing across the country. Companies are being affected in ways that have never been seen before. Many production facilities are bringing jobs back from overseas and developing new technologies to assist their processes. With these changes comes some concern over the current state of the quality of manufacturing candidates. Consider the… Read more »

Improving your Manufacturing Hiring Strategy

In today’s economy the disparity between available jobs and available employees is actually making it more difficult to make the best hiring decision. There are a lot of individuals out of work so how do you know which candidates are the right ones for your organization? Here are some hiring strategies that you can employ… Read more »

Improving Your Manufacturing Brand

The 21st century market is quite different than that of generations before us. In order to reach customers of today and tomorrow businesses need to look into the newest ways to sell products. “Made in America” has become a political rallying cry rather than the status quo. As globalization takes hold and other countries compete… Read more »

A Rise in the Job Market

The labor department has reported that this summer saw the highest job growth since 2008. This is good news for manufacturing and industrial job seekers as the market has opened up. The unemployment rate fell significantly in the early fall and layoffs have also dropped. How do these numbers directly affect individual job searches? Here… Read more »

Cost Management: Light Industrial

Manufacturing is a very different business model than service based industries. There are implicit costs that need to be considered including labor, materials, and overhead. Take some time to evaluate cost management plans to make the most of your budget in the new year. Labor. The ways to control labor costs have everything to do… Read more »

Manufacturing Jobs Are In High Demand

Recently Hyundai began recruiting for general manufacturing jobs in Montgomery, Alabama. Even though the application deadline was not until June 2, 2012 the applications were so overwhelming that they stopped accepting them in mid-May. The Hyundai Human Resources department received over 20,000 applications for fewer than 900 jobs. While new manufacturing jobs are on the… Read more »